Where’s The Beef?

If you are able, look into the dark eyes of this Cow.
Can you imagine how it would feel to gently touch and pet this cow on the bridge of her nose? Can you sense the softness of her hair? Click on the photo for a closer look. She was just as curious about me, as I was about her. Many of her kind are destined to be herded into feedlots and meet a stressful death for our ultimate consumption. What struck me the day I met her, was how peaceful all the cows were.

Consumption of ‘meat products’ removes us from the source of supply. Consider if you will, how many cultures sacredly respect all living beings. Consider the spiritual practices that bless the animal and thank the creator before killing the animal. As well, consider how detached some humans become from killing animals for consumption or trophy.

There is discussion about the impact on our bodies from eating the meat of stressed animals. Such as the amount of hormones etc that circulate through the muscle tissue we call meat. Eating meat is not unnatural.. Mass slaughter is. Spiritually, it is considered negative to take more than you can consume or give away.

Since I met this cow in the above photo a year ago, I do find I have more compassion for my sources of meat and try to choose wisely. I am challenged by the high costs for organic meat. Consuming less really means more to me and really, the output cost is a good investment in the local economy. A few great regional ranches advertise ‘healthy practices’. However, there are also some regional political rules that hinder small operations from processing their own meat products etc. .

Back to connecting with animals ~

I have another video from Liz Mitten Ryan and her relationship to her newest friend on her ranch. I loved watching her Bull run playfully around her and soak up the loving attention of a good brushing!

Wooly Bully from Liz Mitten Ryan on Vimeo

“ We as humans suffer from an insidious malaise that is growing like a cancer throughout our species and our world. Natural System Dysfunction (NSD) is a direct result of our alienation from our natural, life-giving relationship to our source—the source of all creation and the sustenance that feeds all life. The more we distance ourselves from our natural state, the more dangerous and fragile our tenuous hold on life becomes. To avoid sounding as unintelligent as the average human being who says “Speak louder, I don’t understand your language,” the solution to NSD lies in our ability to listen to the language of naturea language beyond words. It speaks softly, but with wisdom, instantly remembered as absolute truth, both for the individual and for the whole as one united symbiotic system and greater being. This is what the animals call the ALL (God).
Pg 23 from Sabbatical. . . resting in the power of “isness -Liz Mitten Ryan 2008
(A sabbatical is usually defined as a break or a rest from work.)

I continue to eat meat and this is not a platform to reform meat eaters. I am choosing to include a link to a graphic video that may be offensive to some members of your family. Viewer discretion is advised.

Before you choose to watch this video or any similar videos, I encourage you to consider a mindfulness activity in your choice of spiritual practise or worship. If nothing else, one idea can be to preplan a soothing activity that blesses the animals, their spirits and yourself. As well, possibly express forgiveness for the people who carry out these practises without compassion.

Maybe you will choose to light a candle and say a few words to simply release the disturbing images from your mind. Or, open the door and/or turn on the ceiling fan and let the wind in to clear the negative energy.

The healing intention of Ecopsychology is to consider spending time focused on something in nature. Such as a plant, a tree, your pet, a sunset, step outside and listen to the wind, rain, and Breathe. The point is to notice what happens for you as you do this. It may be subtle or quite profound. Notice... feel... sense

~ After that moment or experience of focusing on something that attracts your attention from nature, notice the difference in your surroundings, or the feel within your body and what is happening in your conscious brain. Perhaps you can describe it simply. However, the point is not to intellectualize the experience.

Warning: The following video may be offensive to some members of your family. Viewer discretion is advised. The PETA website is a great animal advocate website. The videos contain graphic images of the treatment of animals.

Follow the link to the Peta website and look for the ‘Meet your Meat‘ video at the bottom of the webpage. http://www.petatv.com/

Disturbing energy needs to be released in a healing way. Indifference leads to apathy and is destructive. Listen to your intuition and channel the energy into some action or ritual that brings healing and spreads compassion.

Having said all that, if you are not the least bit attracted to view the video..just follow what you are naturally attracted to follow!! ;0)

Feel free to leave your comments about your experiences or reactions.


  1. Well said. This post is insightful and really lends a connectedness that we as a society have been lacking with nature and Earth.

    Thank you for reminding me :)