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Inspiring People To Deepen Their Connection To Nature
My curiosity started well over a decade ago, when I began reading books and followed Mentors on the Internet who shared the insights of Deep Ecology and the emerging field of Ecopsychology. I resonated with this way of experiencing the world that inspires us to shift our attention and feel a deeper connection to anything in Nature.

Then I experienced a few Life Changing Events. I had to let go of my identity and lean into a new way of living. I was also frustrated that I may not be able to achieve the career and rural lifestyle that I so desired.

Notice Quiet Nature began as a means to reconnect to what I was most passionate about and that is, spending time outdoors making discoveries in nature using photography, writing and crafts, then sharing this with the world. This also meant giving myself permission to freely explore my dreams and find ways to adapt my dreams too.

One small step was to start a Blog to share my photography and introduce the concept of re-connecting to nature, as well as to share and quote some of my favorite resources on the subject.
When we explore this deeper connection to nature, we feel attached to the interdependent web of life. When we feel connected, we flourish because of this relationship with Nature.”   ~Sherry Robinson

Nowadays, society is waking up to the fact that children and adults too, are spending less time outdoors engaged in simple discoveries or activities in nature. As a result, people of all ages are experiencing a ‘Disconnect from Nature’. Most people are not even aware that this has happened to them, as society has experienced so many rapid changes during the last century.

While progress evolved and entertainment became a passive experience, more conveniences were developed to make life easier and amuse us..... the more our relationship to the outdoors and nature has numbed.

Exploring our sense of connection to the natural world can be quite simple, yet profound. This excites and inspires us by waking up our sensory perceptions!
~ Sherry Robinson

Hollyhock, Cortes Island, B.C.
 Growing up as an only child, I had lots of time to amuse myself with pretend play, making things and inventing new ideas! 

When playing with friends for long periods of time, it always felt as if the pretend scene and plot were always at its most exciting part of playing together and then the adults expected that it was time to go home or go to bed!

In fact, a friend and I enjoyed our endearing pretend play drama, which lasted 6 years or more until we hit puberty!  When we felt that we had outgrown the storyline we then enacted our final scene!  Our storyline was influenced by the book, 
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm’, by Kate Douglas Wiggen.
Grandmother Willow Treehouse still stands today on the banks of Joseph's Creek.
That ongoing theme played out on my friend’s farm in the middle of our small hometown.  The empty field between our homes was where the magical transition into the playful storyline happened. The natural landscape along the creek and the old homestead set the stage for our ongoing childhood drama.
Joseph's Creek, Cranbrook, B.C.
I also spent periods of time out in the bush with my father. This is also where I came to love exploring on the long drives on logging roads into forests and waterways full of discoveries. This is also where I learned to be most relaxed.

So all this time playing outdoors and exploring nature deepened my connection to the natural world. I love it even more when I can share this time outdoors with friends, family and anyone else willing to come along!

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