SLOW DOWN ~ We Are Moving Too Fast

(HWY 5A Nicola Valley to Kamloops, BC Sept 2008)
~ I'm back!! I needed to take time to take care of little things in my life~

Recently Chief Shane Gottfriedson stated,

"What’s happening is our ancestors are telling us something”, he said. “By them revealing themselves, they‘re telling us that we have to slow down.".. It’s a fast world we live in and we have to be respectful of things that are happening all around us. “With how fast the world is developing, it’s time that we slow things down and we take care of all the little things in our lives.” (As reported in the Kamloops This Week newspaper in April 2009)

Presently in my region, an expansion of the Trans Canada Highway has come to a standstill. The particular section in question is near Shuswap Lake and locally known as a killer highway. As required, the provincial government must do an archaeological assessment on the land. As a result, remains were discovered of a first nation’s ancestor along with her tools from an estimated 2500 years ago. After First Nation communities discussed the circumstances, it was decided that her remains would be ceremoniously reburied to be left undisturbed.

The ignoring of territorial boundaries, degradation of culture, insults as well as the damage done to First Nation families’ way of life has been deplorable. Sadly, such acts of dominance will possibly continue to play out throughout our Global Community. It may well increase as we live in a rapidly changing world where change and convenience tend to be experienced as a given right, in the name of progress now that we are bumping into each other. Redefining our boundaries will be ongoing and conflict is inevitable since many dominant stories happen to co-exist in various cultures and societies on this planet. Pathetically our lack of understanding, gives way to disrespect. As a Global community, we need to cultivate Tolerance and Curiosity to help us to observe differences respectfully.

I hold deep compassion for the impact past and present societies have imposed on First Nations people and as well as other minorities. So In respect of the wisdom from local native elders, they say, ‘it is time to slow down, be respectful of the things happening around us and take care of the little things in our lives.’ Hhhmm.. maybe this could be a helpful reminder to all drivers on the road.

Therefore, wherever your personal road leads you today, perhaps you will notice times when you are quick to react or judge.

Or perhaps you will slow down with a refreshed sense of curiosity and see things in a new way.

Perhaps just like the river in our valley that has etched out a path of least resistance over thousands of years, maybe we too can find our way in the ever changing landscape as erosion and discovery continues to reveal connections to the past.

Perhaps we may rediscover how to reflect with a sense of curiosity and become inspired by the little things in life as to how to live sustainably with mutual respect for the planet and all our people.

Perhaps you may put yourself in another other person’s shoes or err... moccasins and walk a mile (Km) or two.

This updated music video celebrates life with a sense of ‘funny’ and lightens my day even more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



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