The Transforming Energy of Deadman Falls

For years, I have wanted to return and visit Deadman Falls. Finally, a Location Scouting assignment had me venture back up the beautiful Deadman Valley, past wondrous Hoodoos within a colourful landscape.
Listening to the constant noise of water pouring over the cliff while sitting grounded on a rock, I could sense something energizing. I could sense the electricity in the air from the hydro energy of suspended water particles descending rapidly into the chasm. I had this same sensation a few times before when under or very near waterfalls. It is very energizing! Therefore, I decided to rename Deadman Falls to Women Alive Falls!
A friend and I enjoyed the magic and energy of the Waterfall. We found we could easily walk out in low water to sit on a large rock directly above the 200 ft drop of water.
We discussed the shifting of perceptions: such as the duality of danger~anxiety to beauty~peace and the connectedness~separateness (from nature) as we sat on our daring perch. The lessons from observing Dualities teach us and reveal conflicts and struggles within.
Synchronising ourselves within the present moment of any environment can reveal personal myths and allow us to tap into the Power of the Universe! All we need to do is be centred and feel the energy!
No exaggeration~ the Deadman Falls viewing area is rustic and dangerous. The parking areas have tire grooves from 4x4 vehicles. Therefore, I can just imagine the huge mucky mud puddle during wet seasons! Presently the surrounding forest is tinder dry and there are lots of dead wind fallen trees. It is a hazardous time for forest fires.
When we are able to Trust, we can tap into our intuition and experience intimacy with nature. These experiences enhance our Depth Perception by consciously choosing to be 'in the moment’.
 Shapes shift, our perceptions are enhanced, and we notice our senses are acutely aware of
colors, sounds, temperature, smells, and other small nuances.
Do you focus or react?
Can you feel the physiological reactions within your own body?
 This Wisdom of Nature in the external landscape can have a healing or harmful impact on our inner landscape depending on how we choose to perceive. In many situations in life, we can become conscious of the multiple dimensions or choices of how we react to the situations or experiences that we are facing.

We can become aware of our patterns of interaction depending on whether we feel connected or separate from the natural environment that we find ourselves within. (This could even be just a patch of grass or a plant in the room).

My friend Janet Whitehead and I made an Offering of Gratitude to the Nature Spirits of the Chasm.
Janet is a certified Life and Business Coach Extraordinaire.
Her Coaching is available by phone, Skype or in person.
In addition, she is a Creative Muse Group Facilitator.
She has recently published, "The Demise of Noshud Hafta" 2009
 - an empowering storybook illustrated in clay.
As well, her excellent Work (Play) books are for sale and much more!

“When we look at water in nature it is certainly an element that integrates a lot of things. It is artist, it is landscape architect, it is also in a certain way, engineer. Always water has enough space and time in nature. No matter where we look, our landscapes_ the shapes and forms – are very much influenced by water. Water is the ultimate landscape architect. We always see the borderlands between air and water and the shapes that the water leaves behind such as the wave patterns in sand after the tides have gone out. There is potential creativity in this water. No one snowflake is equal to another. Varied and dynamic, water is always changing. It lives in the beauty and artistry of little details such as a falling raindrop. And when we look at close-ups of water, we see that it is so magic and full of surprises. The magnified structure of water even resembles the early forms of life itself.
-Herbert Dreiseitl Pg xxi, ‘Waterworks’ a Foreword in the book,
Deep Immersion~ The Experience of Water’ by Robert Lawrence France PhD 2003.

Apparently, people hike up Deadman’s Creek down from the Valley road. I was told you have to scramble over boulders and watch for falling objects too. However, there are Pictographs at the base of Deadman Falls and other discoveries too!
This photo looks back at the main viewing ledge. The cliff edge is eroding and there is evidence some trees have been removed. (This must have been a rather precarious feat!) The ledge slopes towards the edge, which could trigger Vertigo for some people.It is magnificent to view the Falls despite the limited view without crouching down or clinging to a tree to peer further over the edge. However, this is what keeps British Columbia wild!
Directions: From Kamloops, BC take Hwy 1 west. Just past Savona and up the hill is the turnoff to the right onto Deadman Valley Road. It is mainly well maintained unpaved graded road. The waterfalls are 59.2 kms from the highway. The Deadman Waterfalls are up and beyond the turn off sign to the Vidette Lake Resort and about 5 km and a wee bit. Look for the Orange Pylons on the right hand side of the road.

If you are interested in exploring this beautiful area, follow the link to the Vidette Lake Resort. I have stayed here in the past and certainly enjoyed the quietude and the discovery of the ‘Centre of the Universe’. A great fishing resort, for families or individuals looking for nature adventures!

Most of all respect the people and fragile nature of the landscape in the area.


  1. What a gorgeous post! I love your description of the energy of the falls, it was really inspiring.
    all the best,

  2. Dear Sherry, sometimes what we think or consider as dead is very much alive. As you had suggested, we can find inspiration from a host of things. We all need to appreciate nature. We need to be touched by that sense of awe. For that we need to get up, pack up and go some place far away from our everyday routine and come face to face with nature. When what is without, comes in contact with what is within, that’s pure ecstasy.
    Great post!

    You can visit,which is a great place to find more about the topics you are interested in.
    Joost Hoogstrate

  3. ...."For that we need to get up, pack up and go some place far away from our everyday routine and come face to face with nature."

    Yes I agree! If anyone thinks this may be too much effort, consider remembering the child like curiosity of packing your Hobo stick and heading out,far far away!

    It did not take long as a child to feel you had really ventured far far away.

    All great myths and fables begin with, "Once upon a time, far far away...". The actual time travel in todays standards may have only been an hour by bicycle, up and over a hill, a boat ride across the river.

    I have a special place on the outskirts of town that makes me feel far far away~ I will write about this in my next posting!

  4. Such beauty, peace and truth here. I resonate and am glad I found you on Danny Shelton's page. He like you is a gem. I'm so glad he found me, and now I find you.

    You write, feel and experience with a passion I understand and know from my own life experience. I am grateful for what you share here.

    Thank you,
    Robin Easton

    I've added your blog to my RSS feed as I want to read more when I am not working. :)

  5. PS I REALLY relate to the dialog between you and Joost.

    When I was younger I "packed up and went far away from every day routine" and came face to face with Nature, face to face with myself....for we are one in the same.


  6. Hi Robin,

    Thank you for visiting! I found you thru Dan's site a few days ago too. I loved reading about your adventures and lifestyle! Awesome site with lot's of great stuff to read~

  7. What an extraordinary experience it was ,and such a powerful reflection within your post. Thank you Sherry. The word that comes close to describing the energy at the top of the falls is omnipresent.

    I look forward to going back.. did i ask if the 18th weekend would work for you? perhaps come as a facilitator, i would love for you to share your wisdome and help others to feel the connection to quiet nature.

  8. Hi Janet,

    Yes you did mention the 18th!

    Sure we could collaborate somehow!

    It is an awesome place for a retreat up the Deadman Valley at the Vidette Lake and area.

    Yes ~ 'The Centre of the Universe'

  9. Went there a couple of weeks ago. Also stayed a couple of nights at Vidette Lake Resort. What a fantastic place...