The Intrinsic Value of All Species and Nature

(Overlooking Kamloops to the left, which continues to decend into the valley)

A few years ago, I met a horse that intrigued me and I never forgot the experience. I sensed this horse spent quality time with people and was very healthy. But it was more than that. I just sensed a deeper connection with this horse. The horse was interested in me, but not looking for handouts. At that point, I started talking to the horse, or more questioning what she trying to communicate silently to me. You probably know the sense, when eye contact is comfortable, gazes are suspended, and words are not needed. The experience is something that words cannot describe adequately.

Fast forward a few years to when I was out Christmas shopping in a country living store that sold everything from salt licks to expensive art. I was there to see Robert Bateman and his nature artwork. However, a video and the artist promoting her new book about her horses magnetically drew me. It was lovely to meet her and realise she lived in the Nicola Valley close to Kamloops. In fact, the horse I met a few summers ago was probably one of hers! Therefore, I bought two books, one for a friend, and one for myself.

Liz Mitten Ryan is an artist and caretaker for a herd of horses based on a relationship of trust and respect. Therefore, with great pleasure I encourage you to view her video and visit her website for a gentle message celebrating the intrinsic value of all living creatures.

for more information, videos and workshops being held this summer.

“I think the strongest bond we share is the total absence of fear. We love and accept each other, and there is a solid trust in that relationship. There are many exciting things to explore, but I think that the anchor of the relationship is that we are learning together. I know that there is a need to guide and to educate a young horse, but I like to regard that need as flexible, and mutually rewarding. After all, we are journeying together as one in the family of spirit."

Pg 43- Liz Mitten Ryan, One With The Herd ~ A Spiritual Journey 2007

Satish Kumar on Deep Ecology -The Intrinsic Value...

"We have come a long way my friend, through uncertainty, confusion, misinterpretation; carried by the wings of love to a far greater understanding than we could ever have believed. Imagine a world where all minds are joined in the quest for greater understanding. You and I can change the world, one mind at a time. Imagine!"
- Prima (Premiere Edition) Speaking for the herd pg 205

Perhaps you have felt a deep connection to an animal or bird, pet or the land.

How would you describe that feeling?

Are there special ways that you express gratitude for these deepened relationships?


  1. I have visited Liz Mitten Ryan's ranch and found it to be a most sacred place. Readers of this blog can visit, too ~ check out the website at for more information, videos and workshops being held this summer.

    ~ Carol

  2. Thanks Carol. I have now added her website under her video as well.

  3. What an amazing video - thanks for sharing this! I have felt that special kind of eye contact with another animal - indeed it was such eye contact with a caged chicken that was the catalyst for me becoming a vegetarian.

  4. Yeah, like soul to soul~

    Would n't it be quite a sight to see videos of feedlots and caged animals portrayed on the TV monitors, that many grocery stores now have strategically placed above the meat aisle?