Exploring Peterson Creek and Waterfall in Kamloops, B.C.

I live in Kamloops, British Columbia
which is one of the most wide spread cities in Canada! 

 We are surrounded by rolling grassland hills, clay bench lands, volcanic rock formations and plenty of sunshine on our semi arid landscape.
This photo journal is about Peterson Creek Park.  

The park is considered right in the heart of Kamloops, BC. 
This is a great hiking park perfect for exercise and adventure! 
It is also accessible from several neighborhoods
 that border the park property. 

There are several paths from the downtown in the valley, 
as well as from the higher elevated bench land neighborhoods. 
Do crooked photos get your attention?
Nowadays the Trans-Canada Highway crosses 
over top of the Peterson Creek ravine. 

So the traffic noise is something people have to tolerate 

while hiking the trails nearest the highway.

Plateau above Peterson Creek
When I see a patch of  dirt cracking open like this, 
I know something is busy growing underneath! The earth is alive!
Some of the late spring wildflowers blooms linger due to heavier rainfall this spring

The Pine Beetle attacked many Pine Trees in the past few years. 
It was really, really, sad to see them turn red brown 
and then dangerously snap or fall during windstorms etc.  
Pine Beetle kill of the Pine tree
Nowadays, many of those dead trees lay toppled over 
or they have been logged off to remove the fire hazard.

As a result, the highway traffic noise has increased in the neighborhoods, because older Pine trees no longer buffer the noise or slow down wind patterns.  Once you are up on the plateau or further in the ravine, it is quieter.
There is just something so exciting and makes me want to jump for joy when I see young Pine Trees thriving so green in the landscape.  It is just more precious to appreciate their growth after the devastating pine beetle kill.
When I do go into Peterson Creek for exercise, 

                    I like to check out the seasonal changes in the area.

This day I decided to taste test several Saskatoon Berry Bushes!
 It was much like taste testing wines! 
I was surprised to notice taste differences depending if the tree grew on slopes with less rain with more clay silt soil or flat bench grasslands near rainwater runoffs with sunshine or shade!  

 I also have a Saskatoon bush in my backyard and I can harvest a years worth of berries for my freezer! All year long I can make the most nutritious smoothies with these berries!

Nowadays, marketing tells us the best super foods that we should consume come from other countries. Super foods such as Acia berry, Goji berry or drink products like Monavie, or Chia seeds, Flax seeds etc.

But really~ what our modern society has lost, is the indigenous knowledge of local foods. It is known in cultures that live in harmony with the land, 
that the food grown locally, provides exactly what we need 
because of our interrelationship with the land. 
Saskatoon bush berries ripen from a red color to a deep blue plump and seedy berry!
 So this is the berry bush that I thought was the~ best! 
It is higher up on the bench land, excellent rainwater troughs 
and plenty of sunshine!   The berries were very sweet and I thought 
the best for pies or jellies.  There were several bushes in this area.

I kept an eye out for the neighborhood bears too!  
I call them neighborhood bears because we do share their home! 
But sadly, many bears have been shot because they come 
onto our properties for garbage and fruit.

So the power of the humble Saskatoon berry contains nutrients 
that feed our bodies right where we live, walk, breathe and interact daily.

The Saskatoon berry has sweetness and an abundance of seeds that provide nutrients and protein. They are known to regulate blood sugar levels too!

 I prefer not to dress mine up as jam and jelly with large amounts of sugar. Instead, I simply add it to yogurt or kefir, juice or water 
and blend it into a smoothie with a variety of other foods too!  

Yes, it is seedy, but that is the natural protein, minerals and vitamins 
from the local land that we live on.

For me it deepens my sense of connection to the land, 
and gives me a sense of place where I live.

The landscape trails are rustic and the grasslands are sensitive. 
When damage happens on some trails from cyclists, 
then eventually the trail needs to be closed due to erosion.
 As the noxious weeds take over and then the 
natural grassland habitat changes rapidly.

Peterson Creek Upper trails ~ Spot the jogger!
 I have lived in my neighborhood for 20 years.
So while raising my sons, or entertaining visitors,
 hiking the Peterson Creek area has been 
an easy adventure from our doorstep.
Peterson Creek seen from the plateau~ Do not attempt to climb above the waterfall- people are rescued every year!
Coming back down into the lower ravine, 
I decided to go see the waterfall.
 I was pleased to see a few  families with 
young children playing in the creek water. 
There is a designated lower trail to the waterfalls
The trail along the creek has eroded 
over the years and depending on water levels,
 it may be easy or hard to get up close to the waterfalls. 

Older children love to climb up to see the cave! 
Looks like someone lit a fire in the cave recently!
Do not let your dogs, children or friends 
attempt to climb higher than the cave.  

Every ~ year Search and Rescue has to come to assist 
someone and/or their dog off the rocky areas 
that are not designated trails!

Be sure to get as close as safely possible...
the waterfall is actually much longer than in this photo! 
You just have to get closer!
Peterson Creek Waterfall 2012
For two centuries families have hiked up to this waterfall
 for picnics and to cool down during the hot summer days.

Kamloops is a great place to live and raise a family, as well as an awesome place to visit!
Looking north over the Trans-Canada Hwy Bridge
For more information visit:

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  1. You really did have a good shots of the wonderful places you've been.

  2. when are saskatoons in season? and is the cave close to the water falls or farther south up the hill?

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am moving to Kamloops soon. Cant wait

  4. The picture of the waterfalls are beautiful. These scenic landscapes are what Canada is all about and it makes me actually want to go for hike. My favorite was the picture of the Transcanada bridge. Good job.
    kamloops storage units

  5. I'm a Canadian far away from home and those photos made me homesick! I especially miss saskatoon berries! X Jane


  6. The waterfall is spectacular when in a cold winter as the water and spray freeze into a beautiful wall of ice.

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