Decorating for Christmas Naturally (2009)

December 9th, 2011
Since 2009,  I have created more new natural decorating ideas and gifts that I posted in a new & current article! Just click on the link below!

Thank you to everyone around the world who has come to visit this article.  I do hope that it inspires you to create and enjoy the nature that surrounds you!  ~Sherry

I admit it! I have had an artificial Christmas tree since finding out many years ago that my youngest son was allergic to trees and mould.  For most of my adult life, decorating the tree was more about my need to artfully decorate the tree according to the popular trends in magazines.  Although I have gone through several themes and complementary colors, there has always been a cherished collection of ornaments that decorate our tree every year.

With high expectations and a full time work schedule, it typically took about 3 days to get that tree up with branches poised and with the lights balanced. (I used to have a thing about the lights being properly positioned on the tree). Then on another day I’d decorate with the main theme. Only then could I enjoy watching the boys decorate and finish the tree with our special ornaments.

A couple years back I got tired of struggling with that whole procedure of setting up this massive artificial tree in a small living room. Teenagers are not much help either! Therefore we graduated to a much smaller tree. You know, small enough to sit on a table.  I donated that huge tree to our neighborhood school where hopefully it could be decorated to the satisfaction of young children.

After last Christmas in 2008, I challenged myself for the New Year to create some interesting Christmas decorations inspired by Nature and without duplicating the more familiar Old Fashioned or common 1970’s homemade craft ornaments. Nowadays I suppose we can call it, An Organically Decorated Christmas Tree Theme.  

My most relaxing creative time has always appeared between Boxing Day and New Years Eve. I work rather slowly so this goal may keep me going for a couple years too.  I’d like to share these ideas, although I readily admit the sources of my materials are not really sustainably practical.

These are some samples of decorations that I created this past spring!
I created various styles using Poppy seedpod lids!  The smaller one on the right was decoupaged with Hydrangea flowerets. The bulb on the right is decoupaged Wasp nest paper!

Below is a container that I decoupaged using Wasp Nest paper.  
Yes, that's right.. Wasp Nest paper!

How do Wasps do that you ask?  
Social Wasps use wood pulp etc. to construct their nests. They collect wood fiber or particles with their mandibles by scraping it from worn fences or buildings or even cardboard boxes.  They chew this wood and mix it with saliva and after a period of time they add the paste to the nest structure and spread it out. When it is dry, it is a tough durable paper!!

I was so pleased with the results that I used a little wasp nest to decoupage this bulb ornament! Take a good look and you will see a blue line and some yellow lines! I find this fascinating because the blue comes from the old blue paint on my window frames! Yes! It's true!  The yellow comes from the old yellow paint on my neighbours house siding!   

I love the subtle beauty of the tops of miniature 
Poppy seeds that remind me of French Parasols!

These larger Poppy seed Parasols have a subtle contrast with green and beautiful designs.

Below I decorated some bulbs with dried wild Lupines that I bought in an antique glass canning jar at a farm yard sale!  The periwinkle blue colored flowers easily separated into three parts which I sorted and decoupaged into three complementary ornaments.

 Surrounding the ornaments is a garland of dried Rosehip berries strung on some fine wire that adds a natural punch of contrasting color.

Beneath the ornament work you may be able to see my tabletop design that is a clear epoxy encasing objects from the forest floor such as leaves, peeled bark and feathers etc.

Hanging outside are larger globe ornaments decorated with moss, feathers, poppy pods, bark curls etc.

Below are some wild Rosehips after the frost.

Happy Solstice
Merry Christmas

 Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!

May you wander outdoors and take time to discover 
natural treasures to admire or spark your imagination!

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