Equinisity ~ Healing Horses and Magical Forests

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Arriving at Gateway 2 Ranch is like being elevated 
to a special hidden kingdom of magical healing horses,
 old growth forest and romantic grassland vistas that make 
you want to stay longer and let the wind blow your hair around. 
You can gaze far and wide and feel like you are far, far, away from the concerns of your daily life!
You too may visit this amazing 320 Acre Retreat Ranch 
to rest, reconnect with nature and heal with the Land and Herd
Near Kamloops, B.C.!
*See the links to Equinisity Retreats below this photo journal!*
Liz Mitten Ryan is an accomplished Artist, 
an Award winning Author of books channeled by the the Herd, 
Horse Breeder and Equine Communicator.
"There is something about horses that is good for the soul. Openhearted communication between horse and human has the potential to promote self-healing by enhancing one’s ability to recognize an emotional connection and a unified consciousness. Horse therapy has been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being. In short, horses are an inspiration to humanity."  
~ Liz Mitten Ryan
People come from around the world to retreat with the horses and land. 
There have been many healing miracles that have occurred during these visits!
The Herd followed the cues to follow us into the corral that is 
specially arranged with a few healing tables and umbrella shades.
They snuff and snort, nudge or stomp, lean in closer and even nibble on a willing participant.
You know something deep is  happening and you can feel the presence of horse wisdom 
and the inter species connection.
This pony nudged into the supportive role! So there were many giggles and smiles too!
The horses were willing and  curiously approached participants lying on the tables.
One lady even had her hat and sock removed by one horse! 
The person receiving the treatment senses a profound connection 
and often realizes the horse's focus reveals their personal truths and needs for healing.
I did not have a turn up on the table, although I did have an amazing experience
while leaning up against a fence. One horse came up behind me and leaned over the fence
 to place her jaw down on my right shoulder. The weight of her head was painful for me and
she adjusted as to what I was willing to tolerate!

We stood together for up to 10 minutes, cheek to cheek in a deep meditative stance.
The warmth of this connection and listening to her breath was peaceful. I wondered
what she meant from this contact and I received a visual image of a loved one.
It brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart!                                 

Overlooking the healing corral near the end of our session and time for lunch!
After lunch, Liz led us for a walk up to the Old Growth Forest! 
 We stopped to talk of energy vortexes, ley lines and portals of cosmic energy.
Liz shared the stories of the land and encouraged visitors
 to sense and become deeply aware of the surroundings
 and subtle energies to discover their awareness of living 
with a higher consciousness that unites all.

Liz smiled as she directed, “You have to enter the old growth forest through this portal.” 
One by one we stoop down to pass under a rather large tree trunk 
to be greeted with more smiles on the other side! 
Onward we go, mindful to walk without chatter so that we can notice 
what is calling our attention from the surrounding forest.

We walked in the cool shadows into a thick grove of trees following along after Liz. 
The wild grasses grow tall in there, as the horses cannot enter this area. 
Liz’s assistant passed us stems of wild garlic to taste. 
We stop as Liz shared bits of knowledge about the indigenous plant life.

Some of us are used to hiking up and down narrow forest pathways while for others, 
this experience is new and can be quite frightening at times.
Yet it is all what we need to experience, as the landscape always provides for us 
exactly what we need in the given present moment.

Liz leads us down towards a huge tree named the Merlin Tree
I clambered down to lean up against the thick bark,reveling in her size knowing it is
probably 400 to 600 years old or so. I think of all the ancient feet of animals and humans
that have walked past this tree for so many centuries.

We passed through a Fairy Forest where Retreat Visitors come for meditation.  This is a place of peaceful sleepiness and you want to lie down!
We whisk on, quietly walking and briefly stopping to hear the stories of this ancient and sacred land.
There are so many ancient trees to admire 
and so much energy to intuit or channel from the landscape 
as it shares stories for those who choose to tune in.

Near the end of a hot afternoon, we descend down a narrow path playing as we go.         
In an ancient dry lakebed near a clearing of ponds, Liz points out magnetic crystals 
in the rocks and encourages us to tune in and feel the vibrations with our fingers.

Our visiting time winds down as we proceed to the Spirit Lodge, a cozy modernized  earthen hut.

We took time to share our gratitude for the amazing and insightful day spent on Gateway 2 Ranch.  There were smiles and tears of amazement. For some visitors this has been a life-altering day, 
an experience reportedly shared by many other visitors from around the world.
Amazement, smiles, sweat, gratitude and dust we say goodbye
 and travel down the dirt road to the valley that leads home. 
We are so happy to have visited and eager to return again!

Visit  Equinisity Retreats ~ for more information!
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