Kamloops, BC Opposes A Gasification/Incinerator Plants Plan To Burn Creosote Treated Railway Ties

Update on March 19, 2010
A plan to process waste railway ties in Kamloops 
at the Aborigional Cogeneration plant is dead. 
Way to go Kamloopsians!! 
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Today I participated in an important Rally opposed to the new business Aboriginal Cogeneration Corporation operating a Creosote Gasification Plant burning Railway Ties here in Kamloops, BC, Canada.

Somehow British Columbia's Ministry of the Environment approved a permit application for this business to gasify railway ties. The plant is intended to create a synthetic gas which can then be put through two small engines to create electricity.

Kamloops is a city of 85,000 people situated beside an important salmon river, the Thompson River that flows into Kamloops Lake. Kamloopsians are opposed to this company with no track record pilot-testing a toxic waste burning facility in our community!

The body responsible for funding this gasification project is called the Sustainable Development Technology Canada which is a Not For Profit agency reporting to the Minister of Natural Resources of Canada. Protesting Kamloopsians believe funding should not have been approved for this initiative that does not have local government and civilian support.

Can you imagine burning decades of old creosote soaked railway ties from all over Canada here in Kamloops?  This decision affects not only Kamloops BC, but all of Canada!!!

Please visit the following link for more information:

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