Over The Moon With Gratitude and Composting my Dreams

  • What would it be like if you chose to live your life as you may have  dreamed about for several years?
  • What stops you right now from living that way? 
  • If you could let go of something that no longer serves you, would that be easy or difficult
  • If it is not realistic to actually be fully within your dreams and you had to break it down into small pieces, what would be the first step?  
  • And the second step?
Writing down all the things you have dreamed about is a great way to start noticing what excites your creativity.  Perhaps your ideas just do not seem practical, or professional, or they are so far out people would think you are from another planet!

Writing them down or drawing them out is a good way to get the creative juices flowing. Listen to the silliness, the seriousness and feel for when they seem to come from a deep place within your chest.  The ideas from your head must be anchored with the weight of your heart.  You'll feel it when you put it down on paper this way.

I recently took a few steps to towards something I wish I had more energy, time and money for.  What I discovered were opportunities and possibilities.  Now I still have some serious parts of my life that do not allow me to just follow my bliss. However, these small steps I experienced renewed my hope and creativity to create some more smaller steps that I can follow towards the bigger dream of what I wish I could do.

I have actively entered my dream as if I am on a journey.  I'll have to lean on my creativity and honour my insatiable curiosity. I know well enough to keep my eyes open and be on the lookout for signs confirming that I am going in the right directions. As well, I forever will be grateful for the teachers, friends and allies whose paths have crossed mine.

So I encourage you to dream big and let the ideas flow. Sometimes it is appropriate to share your dreams with other people too. Or sometimes it is best to keep them in a special container within your heart. You will know when is the best time to share, as your confidence will allow you to do so.

Recently I spent some time with a wonderful group of people all gathered together to share in the wisdom and leadership of a global woman known as Starhawk. We shared our visions and built our confidence to take meaningful action in our lives and all for the wellbeing of the planet.

As well, I bought a book by Starhawk and the first thing I read was a Compost Blessing. (So here was another sign for me, that I am not from another planet.)

"We offer gratitude to the great cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration.  We are grateful to all the beings who have made the great transformation, leaving the remains of their bodies here. We are grateful to all the hungry mouths that consume the dead.  Blessings on the termite, the beetle, the ant, the spider, the worm. Blessings on the fungi and the bacteria, those that need the air and those that avoid it. Blessings on all the life in this pile that will transform decay to fertility, death to life. May I always remember that the cycle of life is a miracle. May I continue to feel a sense of wonder and joy in the presence of death and life. May I remember that waste is food, and may my eyes be open to opportunities to close the circle and create abundance and life."

page 168,  THE EARTH PATH - Grounding your spirit in the rhythms of nature
by Starhawk, 2004.

For many years now I have had a strong spiritual experience when I go to empty my household compost into the outdoor compost bin when it is dark outside.  It began to happen one summer as the full moon lit up my backyard and I could see all my pumpkins and their vines and leaves in the dark.  Perhaps I was  sensing plants growing to the pull of the moons magnetic force. Perhaps it was the subtle heat I felt coming from the compost.  Somehow it all felt connected under that moon as I stood there.  I could walk back into my home with a sense of peace feeling more connected to something larger than just what was going on in the smallness of my house.

If you are interested, Starhawk even has a few ideas for compost rituals in her book mentioned above!  Or visit her website for more information and training opportunities at www.starhawk.org

Or feel free to try or adapt my compost ritual :

This past year I learned of a Peruvian ritual to express or celebrate Gratitude.  In fact little kits are sold at markets or stores to prepare these Gratitude Bundles. Apparently they burn these bundles or bury them in the earth while saying prayers to Pachamama.

My concern was for the possible toxic substances burned or buried as the objects used have moved away from the old organic to more modern processed foods or industry produced products. Therefore I adapted the ritual in my own way to use a coffee filter or Rhubarb leaf as the wrapping for the contents inside the bundle.  For inside the bundle I prefer to use offerings such as; flower seeds, seed pods, leaves, shells, pebbles, hair etc.  Anything that can naturally break down and decompose.

The activity of filling the Gratitude bundle is one of mindfullness, as each offering represents something or the events, or people that you are grateful for.  
* Leave enough room so that you can fold over the edges of your filter paper or leaf to hold the contents snug inside. Tie the Gratitude bundle up with some twine.
* Then say a prayer or a few words and place your gratitude bundle in a hole in your compost bin. Perhaps you will even try this during a full moon too!

Well..having written this..I see it is time to celebrate some Gratitude for all that I have recently experienced and all the new friends and allies that I have met.  The moon is already into its new cycle, a time to visualize my goals and take new action for the cycle ahead!

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